A list of radio stations and internet streams that can be played on your iphone (3g, wifi or EDGE) or ipod touch using the ooTunes Radio app

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NameGenreCommentMore Info
94.5FM Canela Chimborazo - RADIO CANELA - Chimborazo EcuadorEcuadorian Spanish CanelaChimborazo - www.canelaradio.com
100.7FM EL ORO 100.7 FM - Canela Radio - EcuadorWorld ElOro - www.canelaradio.com
92.7FM Canela Imbabura 92.7 FM - Imbabura EcuadorWorld Spanish Ecuadorian CanelaImbabura - www.canelaradio.com
106.5FM Canela Pichincha 106.5 FM - QUITO - SANTO DOMINGO - ESMERALDAS - RADIO CANELA EcuadorEcuadorian Spanish WorldCup Fifa 2010 Futbol Soccer Deportes CanelaPichincha - www.canelaradio.com
89.3FM MANABÍ 89.3 FM - Canela Radio - Manabi EcuadorVarious MANABÍ - www.canelaradio.com
90.5FM Canela Guayas 90.5 FM - Guayaquil EcuadorWorld Spanish Ecuadorian CanelaGuayas - www.canelaradio.com
106.5FM Canela Tunguragua 106.5 FM - Ambato EcuadorWorld Spanish Ecuadorian CanelaTunguragua - www.canelaradio.com/tucanela.php?c=856
106.5FM QUITO 106.5 FM - Canela Radio - Quito EcuadorVariada Ecuadorian Spanish QUITO - www.canelaradio.com
106.5FM Radio Canela Ambato 106.5 FM - Canela Radio - Ambato EcuadorVariada Ambato - www.canelaradio.com
107.3FM Radio Canela Azuay - Canela Radio - Cuenca / Azuay EcuadorVariada Ecuadorian Spanish CanelRadio - www.canelaradio.com
107.3FM Canela Azuay - quicktime RADIO CANELA - 107.5FM - Azuay EcuadorEcuadorian Spanish CanelaAzuay - www.canelaradio.com
89.3FM MANABÍ 89.3 FM - alt Canela Radio - Manabi EcuadorVarious MANABÍ - www.canelaradio.com

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