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NameGenreCommentMore Info
95.5FM The New BIG 95.5 - Chicago's Hit Country - Chicago IllinoisCountryformerly WNUA El Patrón 95.5 - MEXICANO COMO TÚ Regional Mexican Spanish ihr - Format changed May 22, 2009 to Spanish formerly WNUA 95.5FM - Smooth Like Chicago - Chicago Illinois playing Smooth Jazz then La Nueva Mega 95.5WEBG - www.big955chicago.com | www.955elpatron.com | www.wnua.com | www.mega955.com
95.5FM HD2 ESPN Deportes - Informacion Deportiva en Chicago - Chicago IllinoisSpanish Deportes ESPN Sportsformerly WNUA-HD2WEBG-HD2 - www.espndeporteschicago.com

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