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NameGenreCommentMore Info
AM1310 The Ticket 1310am SportsRadio - Dallas' All Sports Station - 104.1fm Diamond Talk - Dallas / Fort Worth TexasCBS Sports TalkBob & Dan Gordon Keith Craig Miller Michael GruberKTCK-AM - www.theticket.com | www.bobanddan.com | www.gordonkeith.com
96.7FM The Ticket 1310 - Dallas' All Sports Station - KTCK AM Simulcast - Dallas TexasSports Talkformerly WBAP / 820AM - The News & Talk of Texas www.wbap.com News Conservative Talk WBAP www.platinum967.com Platinum 96.7FM - WBAP AM/FM Forgotton Hits Rediscoveredthen KPMZ 96.7 The Twister - KTYS www.967thetwister.com which was then Platinum 96.7FM -KTCK - www.theticket.com
96.7FM The Ticket 1310 - Dallas' All Sports Station - KTCK AM Simulcast - Dallas / Fort Worth TexasSports Talkformerly WBAP www.wbap.com The News & Talk of Texas Now News Conservateve Talk KPMZ - www.platinum967.com Platinum 96.7FM - Forgotton Hits Rediscovered - Dallas Texas Playing Classic hits and oldies which was formerly KTYS www.967thetwister.com CountryKTCK - www.theticket.com

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