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NameGenreCommentMore Info
GotRadio Forever Fifties50s Oldies Easy Listening Decades NostalgiaThe best music of the decade featuring music from Perry Como, Nat King Cole, Elvis Presley, Rosemary Clooney, Dean Martin, Doris Day and Frank Sinatra.GotRadio - www.gotradio.com
GotRadio Native AmericanNew Age Native American World Ambient ThemeSome of the world’s most beautiful music comes right from our Native American brothers and sisters. One listen and you’ll be a fan forever of R Carlos Nakai, Brule, Joanne Shenandoah, Gary Stroutsos, & Peter Kater.GotRadio - www.gotradio.com
GotRadio AlternativeAlternative Rock CollegeFresh, fast and forever alternative. Find artists like Offspring, Kings of Leon, Linkin Park, Foo Fighters, Coldplay, Seether and more.GotRadio - www.gotradio.com
Forever Cool - "Laid back relaxed downtempo jazz.....the artists and the music that defined Cool - Cool and West Coast Jazzjazz cool jazz classic jazzFeaturing the laid-back sound of Cool and West Coast Jazz....the artists and the music that defined coolForeverCool - www.forevercool.us | www.radionomy.com/en/radio/forevercool
Dark Horizons Radio - The best in progressive rock and metal featuring Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, Opeth, Symphony X, the Gathering, Katatonia, Pain of Salvation, Threshold, Ayreon, Isis, Fates Warning, After Forever, Lacuna Coil, Anathema, Novembers Dprogressive metal metal progressive rock art rock gothThe best in progressive rock and metal featuring Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, Opeth, Symphony X, the Gathering, Katatonia, Pain of Salvation, Threshold, Ayreon, Isis, Fates Warning, After Forever, Lacuna Coil, Anathema, Novembers Doom, etc.DarkHorizonsRadio - www.live365.com/stations/jdckmc
103.5FM Willie 103.5 - Country from the 80's and 90's - Pittsburgh / Burgettstown PennsylvaniaClassic Countryformerly WAWC Country Syracuse IndianaWLYI - www.foreverpittsburgh.com | www.willie1035.com
94.9FM Froggy FM - Real Country Variety! 104.3FM 103.5FM - Oliver PennsylvaniaCountry WOGG - www.foreverpittsburgh.com | www.froggyland.com/index.php?site=949_940
FOREVER TOGETHERWorld InternationalLa musique d'hier et d'aujoud'hui-
jazzheart... forever - 인라이브 스튜디오 - KoreaJazz Korean Asian JazzHeart - www.jazzheart.com | jazzheart.inlive.co.kr
AM1053 Canberra's 2CA - Forever Classic - Canberra ACT AustraliaOldies 2CA-AM - www.2ca.com.au
Forever Cool - Laid back, relaxed, downtempo jazz.....the artists and the music that defined CoolJazz Cool Jazz Classic Jazzformerly www.live365.com/stations/gerschForeverCool - www.forevercool.us | www.radionomy.com/en/radio/forevercool
92.5FM Radio Forever Music HD - Siempre más música - Guayaquil EcuadorEcuadorian Spanish Pop Informativa RADIOFOREVERMUSIC - www.radioforever925.com
Forever True School - High Fidelity Hip-Hop, broadcasting at 96k - New York, NYUnderground Hip Hop Hip Hop Rap Alternative Rap ForeverTrueSchool - www.live365.com/stations/uptownsound | www.forever-true-school.com
104.9FM Toño 104.9 - Nunca Sabes Lo Que Va a Poner - Una Estación Mas de Grupo Larsa Comunicaciones. - Tecate / Tijuan BN Mexico / San Diego CaliforniaClassic Spanish Mexican Hits OldiesFormerly XLNC1 Radio - The Best Music of All Time - Hits Forever - Classical Music - Classical Opera Symphony Mexican SpanishXHLNC - www.xlnc1.org
Cristoforever Radio International - Emisoras | cristoforeverserver.comCristana Spanish Christian CristoForeverRadioInternational - cristoforeverserver.com
AM1053 Canberra's 2CA - aac+ Forever Classic - Canberra ACT AustraliaOldies 2CA-AM - www.2ca.com.au
AM1368 2GN - Forever Classic - Home of the Local Breakfast Show and 30 Minute Music Marathons - Goulburn AustraliaOldies 2GN-AM - www.2gn.com.au
AM1368 2GN - mp3 Forever Classic - Home of the Local Breakfast Show and 30 Minute Music Marathons - Goulburn AustraliaOldies 2GN-AM - www.2gn.com.au
105.7FM Perth's 6iX AM1080 - Forever Classic - Rockingham AustraliaClassic Hits 6IX-AM - www.6ix.com.au
Gamba Forever - La Rompe Una y Otra Vez Forever - Gamba FM Online - Cordoba / Córdoba ArgentinaArgentine Spanish Rock Pop Hits GambaFM - www.gamba.fm
94.3FM Willie 94 FM & 1390AM - Classic Country - 94.1 W231BU East Union / WLLI-AM 1390 Jackson Simulcast - Dyer TennesseeClassic Countryformerly WTJJ TJ Network - Coverage you can Count On - Talk News FOREVER SOUTH LICENSESWLLI - www.radiowillie.com | www.wtjs.com
Instrumentals Forever - The greatest orchestras, bigbands and instrumentalists non-stop on Instrumentals Forever, your internet-only radiostation with instrumental music. With special attention to the varied work of James Last.Instrumentals Orchestral Big Band Easy Listening InstrumentalsForever - www.instrumentalsforever.com
Rewind Central - Bringing back those songs you thought had gone forever!Oldies RewindCentral - www.rewindcentral.com | www.jamesmurphyenterprises.co.uk/rewindcentral/index.htm
AM1080 Perth's 6iX 105.7FM - aac+ Forever Classic - Perth AustraliaClassic Hits 6IX-AM - www.6ix.com.au
95.5FM 96 Key - The Best Variety - Johnstown PennsylvaniaHot Adult Contemporaryowned by Forever Broadcasting Say No To Performance Taxes! http://www.96key.com/taxWKYE - www.96key.com
AND THE BEAT GOES ON! - RADIO INTERNATIONAL - The more you listen, the younger you feel! - For those who remain forever young....the new sound of the 1960's & 70's...playing the music and the sounds of the great radio stations worldwide from the era.60S 70S OldiesRadio International - The new sound of the 60's &70's! Featuring the music and the sounds of the radio stations of the era... The Beatles The Rolling Stones Eagles Elvis Gene Pitney Marvin Gay Manfred Mann Human Beinz Blood Sweat & Tears Dionne WarwAndTheBeatGoesOn - www.myradio.international
AM1490 Passport Radio - It's a Trip - Frankfort KentuckyClassic Hits OldiesFOREVER SOUTH LICENSES formerly talk1490.comWKYW-AM - www.passportradio1490.com
100.1FM Hot 100 - Forever Media - Altoona PennsylvaniaTop 40 Pop Ac Adult Contemporary WWOT - www.hot100pa.com | www.foreverradio.com/content/station/hot-100
95.1FM Willie 95.1 - Classic Country - Grove City PennsylvaniaClassic CountryFormerly Froggy 95 WWGY - CountryWWGY - www.forevernorthwestpa.com | www.froggy95pa.com
92.1FM Hot 92 - Todays Hit Music - Forever Media Johnstown - Johnstown PennsylvaniaTop 40 Pop WJHT - www.foreverjohnstown.com
99.1FM Rocky 99 - Forever Media Johnstown - W230BK 93.9FM Simulcast - Ebensburg PennsylvaniaRock WRKW - www.rocky99.com | www.foreverjohnstown.com
104.9FM Rocky 104.9 - Altoona's Rock Station - Altoona / Hollidaysburg PennsylvaniaRock WRKY - www.foreveraltoona.com/rocky1049/
101.1FM Big Froggy 101 - Your Country - State College PennsylvaniaCountry WFGE - www.foreverstatecollege.com/big-froggy-101/
98.1FM Froggy 98.1FM - Today's Best Country - The Best and Most Country WFZY WSGY - Altoona PensylvaniaCountry WFGY - www.foreveraltoona.com/froggyradio/
103.1FM Happy 103 - WAPY - State College PennsylvaniaClassic Hitsformerly WRSCWAPY - www.foreverstatecollege.com/happy-103/
104.3FM Froggy FM - Burgettstown / Pittsburgh PennsylvaniaCountry WOGI - www.www.froggyland.com | www.foreverpittsburgh.com
103.5FM Froggy FM - Burgettstown / Pittsburgh PennsylvaniaCountry WOGH - www.www.froggyland.com | www.foreverpittsburgh.com
106.1FM Rocky 106 - Classic Rock - Cumberland MarylandClassic Rock WRQE - www.forevercumberland.com/rocky106
AM531 Radio 531 3GG - Forever Classics 3GG - Gippsland and Latrobe Valley - Gippsland VIC AustraliaClassics Oldies 3GG-AM - www.3gg.com.au
101.7FM Cool 101.7 - Good Time Oldies! - Forever Media Johnstown | Johnstown - Central City PennsylvaniaOldies WCCL - www.foreverjohnstown.com/cool101online/
100.3FM Froggy 100.3 and 98.5 - Forever Media Northwestpa | NorthWestPA - Meadville PennsylvaniaCountry WGYY - www.forevernorthwestpa.com
98.5FM Froggy 100.3 and 98.5 - Forever Media Northwestpa | NorthWestPA - Oil City PennsylvaniaCountry WGYI - www.forevernorthwestpa.com
99.3FM Majic 99.3 & 104.5 - Forever Media Northwestpa | NorthWestPA - Franklin PennsylvaniaHot AC Adult Contemporary WHMJ - www.forevernorthwestpa.com
104.5FM Majic 99.3 & 104.5 - Forever Media Northwestpa | NorthWestPA - Cambridge Springs PennsylvaniaHot AC Adult Contemporary WXMJ - www.forevernorthwestpa.com
AM1280 Classic Hits 1280 and 95.3 WHVR - W237EN 95.3 FM Simulcast - Hanover PennsylvaniaOldies Classic Hits WHVR-AM - www.foreveryork.com
96.5FM Rocky 96.5 - Sports Rock - Moundsville / Wheeling West VirginiaClassic Rock Sports Rock WRQY - www.foreverwheeling.com
105.5FM Kool 105.5 - Moundsville / Wheeling West VirginiaClassic HitsEDUCATIONAL MEDIA FOUNDATION formerly K-Love WLVW www.klove.com Christian MusicWBGI - www.biggiecountry.com | www.foreverwheeling.com
92.1FM Pickle 92.1 - AM1490 WOHI East Liverpool Ohio Simulcast - Elwood City PennsylvaniaClassic Hits Oldies WKPL - www.foreverpittsburgh.com
99.3FM Pickle 99.3 - Uniontown PennsylvaniaClassic Hits Oldies WPKL - www.foreverpittsburgh.com
95.1FM Willie 95.1 - Grove City PennsylvaniaClassic Country WYLE - www.forevernorthwestpa.com/willie95-1/
94.3FM Rocky 94.3 107.7 - Classic Rock that’s Really Rocky! - 107.7FM WRQW Simulcast - Meadville PennsylvaniaClassic RockFormerly WUUZ / WUZZ 94 and 107 Classic Rock - Cooperstown / Meadville PennsylvaniaWRQI - www.forevernorthwestpa.com/rocky94_107/

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